BrazilFest Pageant
Boi Homen Pageant comes to Rosendale
with Emilia Biancardi

Sunday October 9, 2011
Noon to 4pm • Willow Kiln Park, Rosendale

horse masks

With performances by Gustavo's Capoeira students

This community pageant comes from the roots of Bahia, Brazil.
Emilia Biancardi is a musician, professor, and ethnomusicologist who developed the world-famous
"Vivi Bahia" production in the 1960's, which popularized much of the music and dances of Bahia.
She also founded, in America, IABAS the all women Brazillian folkloric ensemble.



Brazilfest Pageant



Emilia Biancardi

Some more Photos and Video are up on our TRANSnDANCEnDRUM page on facebook.

Events with Emilia and the Brazilians:

Brazilfest Mask

FREE WORKSHOPS WITH EMILIA in preparation for the Brazilfest:
All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend. It is not required to take all classes in order to participate. We encourage everyone to take as many workshops as possible as iit is such a rare opportunity to study with such an esteemed artist.

Sept. 26 - Oct. 5- Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
3 - 6pm- Musicians, Dancers, and Puppeteers Rehersals
Join us for costume and mask-making at the Redwing Blackbird Theater, 413 Main St.
Thursday October 6:

Oct. 7 and
Oct. 8

Late-Night Brazilfest Film Series
Friday at 10 pm - "Woman on Top" at the Rosendale Theatre
Saturday at 10 pm - "Quilombos" at the Rosendale Theatre

Emilia Biancardi

Sunday Oct. 9

Bahia Brazilfest - Boi Homen Pageant with Emilia Biancardi
Willow Kiln Park behind the Rosendale Theater
Performers assemble at 11:30am.

Oct. 15
Kitchen Samba
Kitchen Samba Class with Emilia
10am to Noon

Bring your own pots and pans. All ages welcome.
Oct. 15

Lecture on the Candomblé with Fatima Gaudenzi
4 to 6 pm at the TRANSnDANCEnDRUM Center

Candomblé is an African-originated or Afro-Brazilian religion. It originated in the cities of Salvador, the capital of Bahia and Cachoeira, at the time one of the main commercial crossroads for the distribution of products and slave trade to other parts of Bahia state in Brazil. The religion is based in the anima (soul) of Nature, and is also known as Animism. It was developed in Brazil with the knowledge of African Priests that were enslaved and brought to Brazil, together with their mythology, their culture and their language, between 1549 and 1888.

Sponsored by Dutchess County Arts Council, EldersDrumProject Inc., & the TRANSnDANCEnDRUM Center